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RooBalls in the media

The unique Aussie products sold here at often attract broadcast and social media interest. Whether it is the topic of a late night talk show discussion with a well known celebrity or just a simple home-made video review or funny prank, or even an educational discussion on kangaroos and their private bits, they can all be found on YouTube.

Here is a selection of entertaining media items we have found.

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Top Aussie Souvenirs - Rooballs


Made from the scrotum of the Aussie kangaroo, said to be very lucky.

  • Hand made in Australia
  • Genuine RooBalls products
  • Humanely sourced from Aussie kangaroos in accordance with the strict regulations of the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service.



Top Aussie Souvenirs - Kangaroo Paws

For someone looking for a gift that is just a little different. These genuine products were harvested and processed in accordance with National Parks & Wildlife Service rules and regulations.




Top Aussie Souvenirs - Cane Toads

Leather from the cane toad is strong and versatile. Individually hand crafted and manufactured from genuine cane toads with strict quality controls.

No permits are required to send these overseas.

Designed for someone who likes something a little different!



It Does Have a Purpose!

"It does have a purpose...This is crazy!"...

Check out this hilarious Instagram unboxing after we sent them a Rooballs sample pack, thanks Todd!

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"You shouldn't have... no you really really shouldn't have!"

Kylie Gillies is presented a unique gift for her birthday on Channel 7 Morning Show, a Rooballs genuine Kangaroo scrotum coin pouch

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Larry Emdur’s hilarious gift for SAS Australia star

Ahead of the premiere of the latest season of SAS Australia, Ant Middleton and Ollie Ollerton caught up with The Morning Show to reveal what to expect in the upcoming series in which 18 celebrities will tackle the special forces training.

Watch the hilarious reaction to the special "Welcome to Australia' gift Larry had organised for Ant Millerton (the fun happens from about 5 mins in). As Larry Endur says - it is the "best gift ever!"


Christopher Biggins, a renowned British entertainer across television, theatre, film and radio, has a walking stick made from kangaroo testicles. The actor appeared on Good Morning Britain to chat about his recent knee surgery, his podcast, and the much-anticipated reopening of theatres amid the pandemic. And amidst the chat, he revealed all about his personalised stick.


Made Famous by Heidi Klum on The Ellen Show

After failing to scare Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show which aired in June 2021, the supermodel Heidi Klum started some small-talk by explaining what she was holding in her hands - a unique present given to her when she was in Australia.

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As Seen on Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2021

Check out Lord Sugar's reaction to the strange souvenir added to the gift bag offered to Sydney tourists in Channel 9 Celebrity Apprentice 2021. Priceless!

From "Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2021 Season 5 Episode 2" (Hint - the fun starts from about 49 minutes in!)


Julie Bowen's Kangaroo Testicle Lesson

Star of Modern Family Julie Bowen discovered that Australia has some pretty weird souvenirs and goes into some detail about these odd Aussie gifts with late night host Conan O'Brien.



Heidi Klum - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Famous model, author and actress Heidi Klum discusses a few unusual presents she sent to talk-show host Seth Meyers, including a very nice kangaroo scrotum bottle opener!

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'One of the most fun things': Heidi Klum loves her kangaroo scrotum bottle opener gifted two years ago by Nova's Fitzy and Wippa. Heidi Klum, 43, took to her Instagram, sharing a clip of a kangaroo scrotum bottle opener. View Full Story


Kangaroo Genitalia - An Educational Explainer

Everything you ever wanted to know - and perhaps a little more - about the unusual world of kangaroo genitalia.


Kangaroo Scrotum Prank

Two Aussie icons used together in a prank - getting your mate to taste vegemite by licking it off a genuine Kangaroo scrotum coin bag!


A Chinese Perspective

This customer definitely seems pleased with her Aussie souvenirs!

She also does a pretty good job of demonstrating the original purpose of a boomerang!