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RooBalls.com is brought to you by a fully Australian owned and operated business located in Sydney - Roo Balls Shop - managed by Peter Byron.

This is a trustworthy, experienced team that has been selling Aussie souvenirs online for over 20 years. We've shipped thousands of orders to Australian and overseas customers in most major countries around the world.

Over the last few years there has been a significant upsurge in popularity of the more quirky souvenirs. Items created from genuine kangaroo scrotum, harvested and processed in accordance with the Australian National Parks & Wildlife Service rules and regulations, have become enormously popular.

Other quirky products like our kangaroo paw products and cane toad souvenirs have also become some of our best selling product ranges.

They are all genuine reminders of the unique traits of Australia, providing conversation pieces offering amusement, bemusement and sometimes even disbelief whilst often providing practical benefits as a bonus.

Need a bottle opener for the home bar? Why not bring out the one that immediately strikes up a conversation, made from genuine kangaroo privates!

Got an itchy back but just can't reach? Nothing satisfies more than a good old scratch from an authentic kangaroo paw!

Need somewhere safe to store your coins, try our lucky kangaroo scrotum pouches.

There is something for the person who has 'nearly' everything ... right here at RooBalls.com

We also offer free shipping worldwide for orders over $100.

All prices listed are in Australian dollars.

Enjoy your shopping!

Peter Byron - the Souvenirs Guy
Manager, Roo Balls Shop
Sydney, Australia

Peter's Story

I've had a life long passion for travel ever since my first solo adventures hitchhiking around NZ and backpacking through South East Asia at the end of the 70's. After studying to be an accountant I got into the travel business by chance and spent over a decade running a small travel agency in Canberra..

Upon selling the travel business I spent 5 years in the Australian government public service but soon decided that, as a bit of an entrepeneur, it wasn't really my calling. During this time (mid 90's) the start of e-commerce opened up new opportunities and I gave thought to what I could sell online to the world market. Souvenirs came to mind as they were products that were not available in physical retail stores outside Australia.and they had a connection to travel. This later led to Souvenirs Australia Warehouse.

While most of my time since has been devoted to souvenirs, I was sidetracked a couple of times along the way by business opportunities that I saw after reading newspaper stories. The first was an article about pin collecting which led to me selling Olympic pins through the Aussie Pin Shop and the other was a story about ugg boots becoming a fashion item in the USA and it saw me working flat out shipping boxes of ugg boots to the USA and other countries. Ugg boots were certainly not something I had expected to be able to sell online at that time.

In addition my appetite for travel has also continued to be whetted through a sideline job at Sydney Airport interviewing hundreds of international visitors just before their departure back to their home countries.

From the beginning of 2021 I have narrowed my product focus to the quirky and unique items available through Roo Balls. These are Aussie gifts that are a bit out of the ordinary and certainly get remembered and talked about. And I certainly hope to be able to find time for lots more travel!