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Q:  Are these products really created from genuine kangaroo scrotum (balls)?

A: Yes, they are the fair dinkum real thing, kangaroo scrotum hides (although they are stuffed with plaster to make them hard). They are all Australian grown and made. 

Q:  How are these scrotums obtained?

A: They are a by-product of kangaroos that have been have been lawfully culled for meat production and/or to control the size of the population. Harvested and processed in accordance with National Parks and Wildlife Service regulations. 

Q: Were any kangaroos killed solely to make this product?

A: Absolutely not. Each opener is made from the hide of kangaroos that were culled humanely, according to the strict regulations of the Australian National Parks & Wildlife Service. Both the Red Kangaroo and the Eastern Grey Kangaroo are harvested for meat or to control the size of the local population.

Once the kangaroos have been lawfully culled, the by-products are then used to create these authentic Australian souvenirs. Each hide is dried, treated and prepares for commercial use.

Q:  Is there a problem taking these overseas or mailing them to friends?

A:  We have shipped these to most major countries over many years and had customers take them personally on their travels and haven't heard of any problems with overseas customs authorities and/or import regulations.


Q: What currency are the prices charged in?

A: All prices across this site are charged in Australian dollars. Your bank/card payment company will convert the charge from Aussie dollars to your local currency. As the Aussie dollar is often considerably lower in value than the US dollar, this effectively means significant discounts if your local currency is USD or other comparable currencies.

Q: Why are prices also displayed in an alternative currency?

A: For worldwide customer convenience, we offer displays in an alternative currency as an approximation of all prices.

The default alternative currency displayed can easily be changed by clicking on any price across the site.

Note however that at all times charges are made in Australian dollars.

Q: Do all prices include 10% GST (Goods and Services Tax)

A: All prices displayed on this site are in Australian Dollars and are inclusive of 10% GST (Australian Goods and Services Tax) where applicable. GST is ONLY applicable where orders are being delivered to Australian addresses. The GST tax amount is always INCLUDED in the total displayed price.

Products being delivered outside Australia do not include any GST amount in the total displayed price, or the amount paid.

Q: Can I include a gift message when sending to someone else?

A:  Yes, by all means. Just add it to the delivery instructions box on the order form or email us after placing your order and we will include it in the package. You can make it as funny as you like (within reason!!).

Q: Why can't the crocodile products be shipped outside Australia?

A: There are special CITES wildlife export/import restrictions and permits required for all saltwater crocodile products shipped internationally. Unfortunately the requirements make it impractical to ship small retail orders.


Q:  How long will it take to receive my order?

A: Please allow approx 7-10 days for Australian delivery, 14-21 days for international airmail delivery to most countries and 10-14 days for express courier delivery to most countries. There can sometimes be postal or customs delays which are outside of our control.